Thursday, 17 April 2014

Giveaway | Baby Merc Zippy 3 in 1 Travel System!

Well do I have a BIG giveaway for you all today! 
I have teamed up with Babycave to give one of you the chance to win the Baby Merc Zippy 3 in 1 Travel System (Vogue Edition), worth £399! If you haven't seen my previous post on BabyCave, click here to have a read!

The giveaway includes the complete set: Zippy Pram Chasis with leather handle, Carrycot, Stroller seat, Car seat, Changing bag, Bumpers, Shopping basket, Rain cover, Mosquito net, User guide, 4 wheels, Cup holder and much more.

Suitable from birth up to 15kg
Face to face OR Parenting Facing
Front wheels are lockable
Central brake
Hardness adjustable suspension
Handle made from eco-friendly leather
Adjustable back rest
Soft pillow inside
Adjustable leg rest in 5 positions
adjustable safety belt
Wind stopper
Barrier encased with PVC frame
Reflextive elements for safety
Large shopping basket
Sunshade and mosquito net included
Large changing bag
Veriable functions including deep version & walking one
(all explained in the manual)
Cup holder
Rain cover
12 month warranty
Bumper bar
Adjustable footrest
Adjustable hood
One click folding
Extra mosquito net

For your chance to win this gorgeous travel system, just follow the instructions below..

T H E   G I V E A W A Y

Baby Merc Vogue 3 in 1 Travel System

How do you win?

Enter the rafflecopter below, the more options you complete, the higher your chance of winning! What are you waiting for? Read the T&C below and happy entering :)


1. All entries will be checked and verified so please don't cheat
2. If the winner does not respond to my email with 7 days, another will be chosen! :)
3. Open to UK residents!

4. Good luck!
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Giveaway | £150 Towards Footstools 2 U

Ok, todays post may be a little random but I have a little giveaway for you all! We recently purchased a new pouffe for the living room and it's so nice to just put your feet up! Although Abbie tends to climb all over it too!

As a parent you look forward to that moment when the little one(s) are in bed and you can finally put your feet up and do absolutely nothing, well, except for cleaning up after them and making dinner..but you get my drift! Those evenings when you've literally been on your feet all day, been out and about with the little ones, running them and yourself ragged, you want a nice relaxing bath and maybe a takeaway if the days been that bad!

So today I have a giveaway for you, the lovely team over at Footstools 2 U have given one lucky winner the chance to win any product they like from the website up to £150! Maybe you're looking for something to match the sofa, whether it's fabric or leather, perhaps you want a new poufee or drums tool? Footstools Direct Limited is the number one footstool company in the uk and is based in North Yorkshire with a fantastic team of skilled craftsmen and women. Footstool 2u have sold to more than 10,000 customers in the UK.

With £150 you can choose whatever takes your fancy!

You can choose the fabric and leg types too!

What will you choose?

T H E   G I V E A W A Y

Any item from the website up to £150

How do you win?

Enter the rafflecopter below, the more options you complete, the higher your chance of winning! What are you waiting for? Read the T&C below and happy entering :)


1. All entries will be checked and verified so please don't cheat
2. If the winner does not respond to my email with 7 days, another will be chosen! :)
3. Open to UK residents!

4. Good luck!
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Review | Soak & Sleep Pillows

When you become a parent, the idea of sleep is a dream come true, as soon as your little one starts sleeping even a few solid hours at night and you become a child at Christmas! For me especially, I look forward to my bed every night, running around after a toddler and playing/changing nappies/dealing with tantrums/having them climb all over you/taking them to the park etc etc, can leave you feeling pretty exhausted to say the least! Although it is pretty fun :).

So when I was contacted to take part in a review for Soak&Sleep, I jumped at the chance! If you've not heard of them, here is a little background information for you..

" In 2006 Charlie Hunt launched Duvet and Pillow Warehouse from his spare bedroom in Surrey. He had one simple aim: to provide great quality duvets and pillows at a fraction of the high street price. At a time when we all want quality AND value, Charlie tapped the market, and soon thousands of customers were on the website. First DAPW outgrew its modest HQ, then it outgrew its website, and now it has outgrown its name, to becoming the now well known Soak&Sleep!

To be honest, our pillows are pretty flimsy and pathetic right now, I don't think you actually realise just how much they 'deflate' over the years. We were sent 2 duck feather pillows and I know I say this in pretty much every review, but I was so excited to receive them, my neck has started aching at night with the lack of support so I was looking forward to an improved nights sleep (if Abbie lets me anyway) :).

So as soon as they arrived, I rushed upstairs to get them in place, I literally couldn't believe the different between the old pillows and these, instead of using 2 of the old pillows just for me, I can now comfortably use the 1! They have kinda transformed the bed into something you would find in a hotel, nice plump and soft pillows!

OH MY GOODNESS, these pillows have literally been sent from heaven, as soon as I put my head down, it curled around the rest of my head and supported my neck perfectly, I felt like i'd just popped my head on a really, I know it seems dramatic, but take it from someone with a toddler who rarely sleeps through the night, sleep is my favourite thing in the whole world, so anything that is going to make it better deserves those words! Although they're not the softest pillows, they are so comfy!

Abbie was pretty intrigued in them too, as you know if you're a regular reader, we co-sleep with Abbie, she has her bed pushed up next to ours and sleeps in there for half the night or if we're lucky, all night! So on the nights she wants those extra cuddles, I thought it might be good for her to test them out too, you know, just incase she didn't like them! So I lead her down and she looked pretty damn snug to me! I asked her if she wanted to go nu nights and she snuggled onto her side and made a snoring sound..I take that as a pretty comfy pillow in toddler terms!

Soak & Sleep provide you not only with pillows, but duvets, nursing pillows, bed linen, mattress toppers, silk throws, slippers and towels to name a few! Whether you're looking for a new lighter tog duvet for the summer, a new pregnancy pillow or some fluffy new towels, all for a guaranteed lower price than the high street and all made to the highest quality, visit the Soak&Sleep website for it all!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Review & Giveaway | Mia Tui Handbag

Good morning all! 
Hope you are well and enjoyed your weekend?

Today i have a review of the gorgeous Mia Tui Sofia Bag for you, I was so excited to receive it as ever since I saw Kerry over at Lived With Love's red bag I have been pining for one! So when the opportunity to review this came up I knew straight away I had to go for it in red! I seem to have so many changing bags at the moment, which are all great and useful, but I haven't actually got a proper handbag, this is where the Sofia spoke to me, they ave a huge range of what they call 'mummy bags' which are all gorgeous! 

"Sofia is a hobo handbag that bridges the gap between functionality and fashion, and delivers a unique solution that will simplify your life."

As with all the Mia Tui range, the Sofia is waterproof inside and out and comes in a range of fabrics and colours including; Aubergine, black, chocolate, oyster, plum, blue & teal! You are sure to find the perfect colour for you! Whether you want to use this gorgeous bag as an everyday handbag, work bag or a stylish changing bag, its there throughout, for every need and every occasion! 

The inside is a gorgeous hot pink, with plenty of space and storage, as mentioned above it is also waterproof so no worrying about spilling your drink or having a sudocrem explosion, it is all simply sorted with a wipe down!

The unique interior also has multiple pockets, zips, clips and 2 extra bags, which means you never have to dig for a missing key or phone again! I currently use one of them as my makeup bag which works perfectly! With this bag you'll fit everything you need plus you'll stay looking stylish too!

The bag itself is made from faux leather with silver hardware, the Mia Tui logo is stitched perfectly on the front of the bag so everyone can know where it's from, the overall stitching detail across the bag is pretty and subtle too! Size wise, it's perfect, not too big you'll lose everything, but not too small you try and squeeze everything into it!

Whether you're a mummy or not, this bag will suit your lifestyle perfectly, why not start the trend and enter the giveaway below for your chance to win one! (in a colour of your choice!)

T H E   G I V E A W A Y

1 x Mia Tui Sofia Bag

How do you win?

Enter the rafflecopter below, the more options you complete, the higher your chance of winning! What are you waiting for? Read the T&C below and happy entering :)


1. All entries will be checked and verified so please don't cheat
2. If the winner does not respond to my email with 7 days, another will be chosen! :)
3. Open to UK residents!

4. Good luck!
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review | Gousto Box - Roasted Veg Penne with Grilled Mozzarella

Today I have a review of the fantastic food box by Gousto! What is Gousto you ask? Well..

Gousto is an amazing service which provides you with a box full of yummy, healthy and nutritious ingredients for certain recipes, every week you get the chance to choose from recipes on the website, which are updated every week, ensuring you don't cook the same meal twice! The recipes are then delivered right to your doorstep once a week so you decide when to cook! From delicious pasta bakes to oriental stirfrys, with different cuisines from Italian to Chinese, Indian to Caribbean, with plenty of meals to choose from you'll find it easy to choose meals to suit the whole family! 

I've really been getting into my cooking recently, since I've started focusing on healthier eating I've discovered just how much I enjoy cooking and couldn't wait to get started with our box! I had a browse online and chose my 3 meals, I decided on 3 completely different cuisines and have taken pictures of the prep and cooking below, along with everything you need to know about how to cook them! Don't worry if you're not much of a cook, these are so easy to do and can be done by anyone, also there's no worry about using too much or too little ingredients, everything comes in the exact portion needed for you so no food waste either, perfect!

So onto the first recipe..

Recipe 1
Roasted Veg Penne with Grilled Mozzarella

The above ingredients are what was provided for this meal, so if you're interested in taking part, you will need..

For 2 People

1 x Courgette
1 x Red pepper
1 x Onion
2 x Chestnut mushrooms
2 x Tomatoes
2 x Cloves of garlic
A bunch of Thyme
400g Penne

Oven proof dish & tray

Start off by chopping up all your veg according to the recipe card and put everything in an oven proof dish, finely chop the garlic and season to taste, drizzle over some olive oil and place in the over for 15 mins!

Looks so healthy, colourful and yummy already!

Whilst you're waiting for the veg to cook, boil a saucepan of hot water, add the pasta and cook for around 10 minutes (or however you like it!)

Whilst your pasta and veg are cooking, slice your mozzarella thinly and remove the leaves from your thyme, discard the stalks

Grate the parmesan finely too!

When the pasta is cooked, drain and add it to an oven dish, add the veg and mix together, 

Sprinkle the thyme & place the mozzarella slices evenly across the top and cover with parmesan too! 

Put back in the oven for 15-20 mins, or until cheese is bubbling, and...

A Yummy, healthy & declines pasta bake, one portion equals 5 of your 5 a day too and the kids will love it too! Abbie wolfed it down and loved the courgettes especially!

Look out for Recipes 2 & 3 coming next week!
Have you tried Gousto?

Level - Easy
Taste - 5/5
If you want to add different veg or perhaps add some kind of meat, you are welcome to make it your own too, maybe drizzle some honey on top for the last 10 minutes too for a little burst of sweet! I think next time i'll add some sausages and make it a little more hearty!


Saturday, 12 April 2014

My Toddler Toy Essentials

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1. Art & Craft Sets
Such a great way for them to express their creative side, you can either buy everything separately or as a set like the one above, it includes felt tips, crayons, pencils, pastels, a pencil, eraser, ruler, paints and a paint brush! Abbie's favourite thing to do at the moment is to draw us pictures, she knows which draw in the living room holds the paper and will just help herself to it and sit down and draw, she's currently obsessed with drawing circles and lines that go down the page, if I may say so myself, she's pretty good at drawing, must get that from her Daddy! Ha!

2. Mega Bloks!
These are absolutely brilliant for babies and toddlers, once they reach the age where they want to build and make the biggest towers is when the fun really begins.Instead of regular lego which can be easily swallowed, these are big and chunky and easy to use too! Abbie definitely has our competitive streak already, she will build  the tower as high as she can then try and add that one extra piece which makes it all tumble to the ground, which is then followed by her throwing a tantrum and kicking the blocks around the room!

3. Balls!
Who knew so much fun could be had with these! Not only are they great for adding into garden tents & ball pools, but perfect for helping them with their numbers and also colours! Abbie is pretty competitive so tries to hold as many as she can, she's reached 4 recently which is blimmin hard for those little hands so i'm rather proud! :). They can be used in the bath as well and can be used inside and out too, try creating fun games with them from hiding them under cups and moving them around for them to find and even for fun DIY crafts!

4. Instruments
Yes they are noisy but it really helps to expand their minds, figuring out that hitting or shaking something can create a loud noise, will get them so excited! Sure it might be annoying to you after a while but its actually great for their hand eye coordination too, watch how they swap hands and study each instrument, help by showing them what to do then let them get on with it! Abbie's favourite instruments are her xylophone we got her from the charity shop not to long ago and also the little Ukele we have as well, she will happily sit and play with them by herself for a good 20 minutes :)

5. Play Tent
I think they are a necessity for all toddlers, I remember having one as a little girl that was out in the garden and I have such fond memories of it! Whether you keep it in the living room, in their bedroom or even in the garden, throw in their favourite toys/teddies, a fluffy blanket for the floor, a few snacks and a few of the balls from number 3 above and you will create a fun place for them to play in! Plus if you get a big enough one you could have a little family picnic in there during the summer :)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Introducing: BabyCave!

Today's post is to introduce you to a fab website called Babycave, an online store providing you with huge range of pushchairs, travel systems, prams and other travelling accessories too at affordable prices, some names you may recognise such as Britax and Baby Jogger, and also some lesser known brands such as Baby Couture and Bonito Bebe! Babycave was founded by a team of parents to be to meet the demanding needs of caring but busy parents., they felt there was something missing from the market and noticed that items seemed to always be extremely overpriced!  The aim of the website is to showcase all the different options available for you, both on the market and off! 

As parents we are always drawn in toward's pretty designs and certain brands, with travel systems and and twin pushchairs too, but we have all been led to believe that the more expensive the pram, the couldn't be far from the truth! Babycave give you everything you need at the best possibly priced, ensuring comfort, practicality and safety without needing to break the bank! 

There are several reasons you will fall in love with Babycave, every item they sell are from the most reputable brands in the world, everything is simple to use and there is something to suit everyone!

All prams are EU certified
Leading pram e store 
Quality travel systems 
Affordable prices for everyone
Free delivery on most items
Car seats included 

Everything on the website is clearly laid out, it's simple to navigate and there are no confusing descriptions either, just click the pram you like and you will be presented with high quality images as well as all the features in bullet points, you are told what is and isn't in stock and also most items are even on sale too!

My 3 favourite pushchairs are below!

1 / 2 / 3

The checkout process is quick & simple, just add your item to the cart with a simple click, you will then be prompted to either checkout as a guest or register too (definitely worth the sign up!), enter your delivery details, select shipping method (most have free delivery, yay), choose your payment method (paypal), and tra-la! You will receive an invoice & receipt sent directly to your email and all you have to do now is wait for your delivery!

So if you're struggling to find yourself a pushchair or pram and are fed up of browsing through 10 different websites to look at different brands, head over to babycave and make everything that little bit easier!

Visit the Babycave website :)

Where did you get your very first pushchair from?
What brand did you choose?