Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fashion | Winterwear with Petit Bateau

I was recently introduced to the website Petit Bateau, one of France's biggest and most well known online stores, they are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality newborn, kids, men and women's clothing in a wide range of different brands! Having been around since 1893, they have acquired years and years worth of experience and will only provide you with the best of the best products! 

What I love most is the array of colours involved in the collections, makes each item unique and although a little pricier, they are all from the best quality brands out there! The mood board below shows you my favourite items from the site, I think the little Dororthy shoes are my favourite <3

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Winter Essentials

Probably the most obvious item of clothing you'll need for your little one, there are SO many out there, sometimes they might look pretty and cute but don't always do the job of keeping them warm! So if you're online or shopping out and about, check the lining of each coat and the label to find out what material is involved in making the coat, if you can find a warm and cosy one from the inside and waterproof and unrestricting one from the out, you'll be good to go! Don't forget to buy one size up too as they'll be wearing lots of layers underneath!

Don't spend a fortune on tops for them during winter, especially as they're going to be covered up most of the time! Most places tend to have 3 for 2 offers on basics which adds up to around £6 altogether, bargain! If it's a particularly cold day, you might even want to add another layer on the bottom half, perhaps a pair of tights underneath jeans and an extra pair of socks, they can never be too warm after all! 

What's cuter than a toddler all wrapped up snug for Winter? A toddler with matching accessories! Fluffy hats, snoods, gloves and little earmuffs! We recently got Abbie a snood for her birthday and she looks so god damn cute in it, we're pretty lucky in that she is happy to wear hats too, don't want her little ears getting cold! If gloves are a little bit fiddly to put on them, mittens are your next plan, they can be attached through their coat so they don't get lost too!

What do you like most about Winter?


Post Pregnancy Body Changes!

There are quite a few things I experienced during and after pregnancy that I didnt even know was possible, you body dpesnt just grow a baby for 9 months, it changes in more ways than you can begin to imagine, they're not really talked about but there are so so many women who go through the same things and yet feel insecure about them because they feel as though they're the only ones! I'm here now to tell you that actually, most, if not all women, will experience at least one of these things during their pregnancy too, and best of all? It's completely 100% normal! There are some things you can change, others are not so easy, but if you're sitting there right now worrying about something new you've noticed about your body, read on :)

Okay, I'm going to be frank and upfront about this one, I didn't get a single one..that was until I got to around 27 weeks..then it felt like I had a new batch every morning, I hated them, I cried, it doesn't make you selfish for feeling that way, people told me 'they'll fade, they'll fade", whatever, I didn't believe them, but guess what? They were right! It was hard to come to terms with them, I won't lie, I didn't look in the mirror after a certain point as I would feel so down about it, 2 years later though and I honestly don't care about them anymore, yes of course I'd prefer not to have them but I don't think about it every day, there is only so much you can do about them, there are lots worse things that could be happening, so try and think of it that way :)


I've seen this topic on a few other blogs, I was so relieved when I realised it wasn't just me..ive always had 20/20 vision, but during my pregnancy it deteriorated, not dramatically or anything but I found myself squinting more and things further away got more blurry..I'm actually in need of having an eye test as my eyesight has continued to get worse since i've had Abbie, as I said it's not dramatic but definitely noticeable now!

Excess Hair
I'm not just talking about the long flowy and thick hair you're promised throughout the months, but the unwanted hair, the kind that starts growing on your chin or face, maybe even your leg or underarm hairs are suddenly thicker or growing at a rapid pace! No-one tells you about all this, I honestly don't know why but there is something you can do to help and it's not something you have to live with 'forever'. Most of the time it all returns to normal not long after you've had your baby, but for some women it can stay for a pretty long time afterwards! Luckily there is an amazing treatment you can have, Laser Hair Removal is the most popular treatment with celebrities and really is a confidence altering treatment! There is a common misconception that it's a pricey treatment but with the growing success in the results, prices can start from just £45! 

But what exactly is Laser hair removal? Is it safe? YES! It is 100% safe and also a virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair. It works by using a special laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, halting hair growth.Many professionals and celebrities choose laser hair removal as it is considered the highest quality, most safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from visible areas.

Embrace your new bodies ladies, look at your gorgeous little baby and realise its really not important if you have stretchmarks or saggy skin..who says you can't wear a bikini again? Suddenly you're unatractive because of little scars and extra skin? confident in your new skin, be proud that you created the most amazing being, you! (well and with a little help from the OH)! Ha. Don't spend your days wishing you looked different, life is too short and before you know it your babies will be grown ups and you'll be telling them not to worry about it too! As a friend of mine says.."women are goddesses" :).

Friday, 24 October 2014

Christmas | Decorate with H&M

My favourite time of the year is only 61 days away! I don't care it's only October, I'm too excited to not talk about it ha ha! Christmas means so much more when you have your own child too so I can't wait to get the house decorated and start getting into the festive spirit properly! We took a little visit into Bath the other day where they're setting up fairy lights and christmas sections in a lot of stores which made me even more excited! 

I'm a big big fan of H&M when it comes to clothing, but didn't even realise until very recently that they also do homeware! Everything from bedding to kitchen utensils, cushions to placemats, everything you could possibly need to set your house up for all the seasons! I had a little browse this morning on their New Arrivals page and came across a whole bunch of Christmas goodies, and at amazing prices too, I think i've now found my source for all things Christmas this year!

Below I have created a little mood board of my favourite picks from the website, are you feeling Christmassy yet?? You are about to! :)

STRIPED - £3.99
 MERRY XMAS  - £3.99
SANTA - £7.99

GOLD STARS - £2.99
SANTA SACK - £7.99

Cosy Cushions!
Cushions are one of those necessities for the cosy winter home I think, the plumper the sofa or bed looks, the more inviting it becomes! Our bed is always full of them, I have about 20 different covers in the airing cupboard for rotating around the seasons, that is except for, Christmas ones! I do think a room looks pretty naked without them, they're that cosy effect you kinda need during the cold months, when you walk in through the door after some Christmas shopping, or a long day at work, the first you wanna do is sit on the sofa, take off your shoes, and relax!

Advent Calendar
They've been around for years and year and are pretty much a necessity when it comes to Christmas, Abbie is at the age now where she will understand the logistics and how they work! Unfortunately for her, chocolate gives her belly aches (just like her mummy), so we are going for something a bit different for her, still the same element of surprise, if not more, by using this adorable hanging calendar above! We are going to fill each day with a different little toy/non chocolate treat for her, nothing expensive, just something different every day! After a few days she should get onto the idea that she gets a little something every morning leading up to Christmas morning!

Growing up my Mum would always decorate the entire house from top to toe with the same decorations, they were mainly gold and red with every kind of bauble and hanging glitter you could think of! I used to absolutely love it, coming downstairs in the morning after she'd decorated and feeling so excited that Christmas was coming! Since Ben & I have been living together, we've had a different colour theme every year, last year we had blue and white which was so pretty, but this year i'm going back to my roots and go with good old red and gold! No tinsel, just some pretty fairy lights, baubles and star to go on top of the tree! 

In terms of the rest of the house we are planning on fairy lights around the stairs as we do every year, christmas bunting, candles, stockings and christmas sacks! I actually started Christmas shopping on Boxing Day last year and bought half of this years presents (thank god Abbie now likes Peppa Pig!) so i'm very prepared this year!

What are your plans for Christmas!?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Winter Warmers from Woolovers!

My favourite time of year is getting so close now, I much prefer the colder weather as opposed to the steaming sunshine of the Summer, don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine but there's just something about wrapping up all snuggly and warm during the Autumn and winter months that makes me all cosy inside! I'm not one to really wear dresses or summery clothes (must be the tomboy in me), so covering up always makes me feel more comfortable!

I was recently introduced to the website Woolovers who are a specialist knitwear retailer and who are now celebrating 25 years of excellence to over 750,000 customers! They provide you with everything from Christmas themes and patterns to fluffy and chunky cardigans! Something to suit everyone in a range of budgets too! Although in my honest opinion, if you want a good quality jumper thats going to last you at least a few years, you may need to spend a little more! 

So after browsing the website, I wanted to share with you all my 4 favourite items, no doubt you are thinking or have already started swapping out the summer clothes for snuggly scarfs, cosy knits and those UGG boots!

My first choice is the gorgeous Aran Polo Neck Jumper in Cream! I have fallen in love with this jumper so much I will be adding it to my wish list for Christmas! It is made from 100% British wool and comes in 4 other colours; Charcoal, Flannel, French Navy & Red! With raglan sleeves, you are guaranteed that cosiness feeling without the bulkiness around the arm! What's better is this is also a unisex jumper and currently on offer, if you buy 2, you can save yourself £8! 

For a bit of layering I chose this simple but flattering Asymmetric top in Pepper! Knitted in fine 12 gauge Cashmere & Merino blend, this exciting new design is not only cosy, comfortable and easy to wear but it will also turn heads for all of the right reasons, thanks to its modern styling. With a figure hugging shape on top and flowing back, this will be sure to be a staple piece in your wardrobe across the seasons and available in 9 other colours too!

Everyone needs a Christmassy jumper, it's a staple piece we all loathe to love! So whether you go for the Mr Darcy type from Bridget Jones' Diary, or fancy a more fashionable take, there are so so many on the market nowadays you're guaranteed to find something perfect for you! I chose this Fairisle Polo Neck Jumper from the website because not only is it perfect for both Men & Women, but it's stylish, soft and a classic piece that also comes in a few others colours too! 

'The two colour pattern, cosy polo neck, long sleeve & easy fit make this a highly desirable wear for the colder months. This unisex style is very contemporary but with a traditional feel'

I decided to pick out something a little more masculine this time, I think we've all been there where we've thrown on our partners hoodies or jumpers and they're always so snuggly, cosy and best of all, oversized! This gorgeous shawl collar cardigan is actually another unisex piece that comes in a variety of different colours, secured with gorgeous chunky buttons, with long sleeves, patch pockets and a horn button detail, all made with 100% British wool!

What are your staple pieces this season?


Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn Adventure!

Hello all! It's been a long while since I posted, well, anything! We've been a bit poorly over here and been super busy as well so have taken time out a little bit but we are now on the mend (hopefully!), so expect to see a few more posts this week! 

Sunday morning we headed out to one of our local National Trust Park's for a lovely Autumn walk, Ben had the weekend off so we wanted to go out and enjoy some quality family time! Luckily for us the sun decided to pop out and despite the craziness of having to park a mile away from the actual park due to how busy it was, all 3 of us enjoyed our walk and took lots of photos on our way too! Abbie loved the ducks and shared some of her wotsits with them ha ha. 

The trees are just on the brink of turning orange and red so the Autumn feel really set in, everything looked so beautiful and picturesque, makes me feel so lucky to live in such a stunning part of the countryside! We didn't really plan our route too much so ended up going the way where pushchairs aren't really 'suitable'. This meant walking down steep slippery steps which lead to the opening of the lake and through cobbles and mini caves before heading back out again! It's safe to say Abbie loved the walk despite it being over an hour long, we all got some exercise and had lots of fresh air which meant a good nap for all! :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Weight Loss | Week 2

What have I been eating?

Using My Fitness Pal i've been working out what I can and can't have in the day, what I tend to do is plan what i'm going to eat for the day, then see what the calories are and what I have left or what I have to substitute. The app took into consideration my current weight and active levels to determine how many calories I should be consuming a day in order to lose my request of -2lbs loss per week, so my daily food intake has to be 1300!

I've not taken any photos this week of the meals unfortunately but will start again for this week :)

Off the menu!
Fizzy Drinks
Sugar in Tea


Height: 5 ft 8in
SW - 10st 13lbs
FT - 10st (on or before our holiday in December)
GW - 9st 7lbs (pre-pregnancy weight)

WEEK ONE weigh in: -4lbs
10 stone 9lbs

Week 2


Thursday 2nd October

Breakfast | Cheerio's with semi-skimmed milk & handful of grapes

Lunch | Birds Eye Meditteranean rice fusion with salad and salad cream

Dinner | Pasta bolognese with little meat and parmesan

Snacks | Muller Light with Coconut & hint of lime

TOTAL calories: 1168
Earned 200 calories from exercise


Friday 3rd October

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Red Apple

Lunch | Prawn Cocktail Salad
4 x Crab Sticks

Dinner | Chicken in black bean sauce stir fry and noodles

Snacks | Nutri Grain Blueberry bar
Lots of grapes

TOTAL calories: 1213
Earned 180 extra calories through exercise


Saturday 4th October

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Red Apple

Lunch | Ham & Egg Salad
Nutri Grain bar (strawberry)

Dinner | 2 quarter pounder burgers with stir fried veg & cous cous!

Snacks | 1 1/2 Nutri Grain Bar

TOTAL calories: 1128
Earned 194 extra calories through exercise


Sunday 5th October

Breakfast | Cheerios with semi skimmed milk
Red Apple

Lunch | Tuna Salad with Light Mayo

Dinner | 3 sausages, mash and baked beans!

Snacks | Banana

TOTAL calories: 1217
Gained 90 extra calories from exercising


Monday 6th October

Breakfast | Bitesize Shredded Wheat
1/2 banana

Lunch | Thai Chicken Soup, wholemeal rice
Apple & 4 x babybel

Dinner | Weight Watchers crustless cheese & onion quiche
Salad, beetroot, reduced fat coleslaw and ham slice

Snacks | Red Apple

TOTAL calories: 1203
Earned an extra 211 calories from exercising


Tuesday 7th October

Breakfast | Bitesize Shredded Wheat
1/2 banana

Lunch | Chicken & wholewheat pasta salad

Dinner | Chicken kiev, chorizo potatoes & cous cous

Snacks | Red Apple 
Nutri Grain bar blueberry

TOTAL: 1305
Earned 187 calories from exercise


Week 2 Results

TOTAL loss: -8lbs

I'm so so happy with losing another 4lbs, I've worked my ass off and will admit I had a few days of struggling not to scoff my face, but I persevered and so pleased I did! I'm down 8lbs altogether and am only 5lbs off my target I was aiming for, for December. It'll be nice to enjoy myself over Christmas a little bit so i'm going to carry on eating as I am and exercising everyday too! I've just started going out with one of my friends for jogs 3 times a week too for extra motivation, today was hard, different terrains and inclines. We are building ourselves up by walking, jogging and eventually even some running. Its been a long time since i've jogged properly so I struggled today, but we did 45 minutes and burned just under 200 calories! Yay, every little helps :)

If you want to follow my journey, add me on MyFitnessPal @ourbabyblog