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Sunday, 26 January 2014
Morning all! Hope you are having a fab week & weekend, ours has been rather busy but it was productive too! Tuesday was Ben's day off, so as always we headed out for a walk and some quality family time, so at 9.30am we were all ready to go out and off we went, it was such a beautiful crisp and cold winters morning, so I brought my camera along too, I think we may have taken some of our favourite photos actually, Abbie was such an angel, walking alongside us till we got to the park which was about half a mile, she did such a good job, she would've walked forever if we let her but it was a bit chilly so put her in the pram and carried on our walk! 

The weather the rest of the week was pretty poo, a lot of rain and cloud but hey, it is winter after all, so we kept Abbie entertained indoors with colouring and drawing, books and toys, she has this obsession with drawing pictures at the moment bless her, her little concentrating face is the cutest thing, the tongue comes out and she really thinks hard about what she's doing :). 

On Thursday my Mum came over as not seen her in a good few months, Abbie loves spending time with her and they had some much needed bonding time together which was lovely! I popped into town to get some bits whilst Granny babysat, obviously I ended up getting Abbie a couple of bits from the charity shops, including a few books and a fisher price picnic basket with little shapes etc, all for £5, bargain! I also grabbed some drawing pads for her with different coloured paper too, she was rather grateful! Thursday night was probably the roughest night Abbie has had in terms of how many times she stirred, I didn't keep tabs but it was around the 15 mark, I had about 3 hours sleep so felt like a zombie in the morning, I blame myself really, before her bedtime I told her everything we were doing the next day and that she needs to sleep well to give her lots of energy...I guess I got her excited instead!

Friday was a busy but fun day, Granny came over in the morning for more cuddles and Abbie time, whilst Ben & I sorted the food shopping out, then it was time for a much needed nap for the both of us, luckily for me she fell asleep within about 90 seconds and we had a nice 3 hour nap!! Wooo! I then had a lovely afternoon/evening with my birth Dad whilst Abbie was spoilt with the new bits he bought her :) I've realised I'm blabbing on now...So moving on... I have added all the photos from our week below..I hope you enjoy them and have a great Sunday :)

Please excuse the random ordering too...


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