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Longleat | Day One

Thursday, 23 April 2015

What an amazing few days we've just had, Ben has the week off so we thought we'd start things off in style and head over to Longleat for an afternoon! We are so lucky to have it just 10 minutes from us, it has so many amazing things and when the sun shines, it makes it 10 times more amazing! Because it was off peak it was lovely and quiet too which makes it so much more enjoyable, no queues, no crowds and time to actually enjoy everything!

We actually now have annual passes, which means we can go as often as we like for a whole year, seeing as we've already been twice in the two days we've had it, it's safe to say it'll be very well used! We had to have our photos taken for our passes, which I always hate but they didn't turn out too bad so phew! 

So for the first day we decided to explore the Animal Kingdom, Postman Pat Village, Penguin Island, Stingray Bay & the Adventure Castle! All of which Abbie absolutely loved! She was so bloody well behaved on both days, I was so proud of her, not a single tantrum was had and she was just happy to walk around and play, so yay for that too!

I took so many photos, literally, almost 800, I get a bit snap happy sometimes ha ha.


Look out for Day Two at the weekend! :)


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  1. Ahh I've wanted to visit Longleat for ages. Beautiful photos!


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