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Body Confidence

Thursday, 13 August 2015
As a mum I don't look how I used to, that being an understatement of course. 

Even before I had a child, I wasn't ever one to have that body confidence that I probably should have, I was one of the many wrapped up in trying to look like the girls in the magazines that I actually ended up with eating disorders and a completely distorted view of what I actually looked like.

Now i'm all fully grown (lol) and have also carried and had a baby, my body definitely  isn't what's considered 'perfect' or 'bikini ready', I have, boobs which seem to be heading further south with each day that passes, which by the way shouldn't be allowed at 24, thanks. Loose skin on my belly from pregnancy and weight loss and the amount of stretchmarks that resemble a road map of the United Kingdom. But it's ok, I don't mind it.

However, i'm now older and i guess wiser, where I don't feel so pressure to look a certain way, instead it's now how I feel about myself, as opposed to how the media or others have made me feel. Which for me, is a big big thing. But it does get me thinking, if I was to head out to the beach in a bikini, i'm sure i'd get quite a few looks and sniggers, but why? Sure i'm not all smooth and silky like I used to be, but personally, i'd much rather see an array of bodies around that everyone with the typical 'perfect' ones. I want Abbie to grow up to see the different bodies, with people who aren't afraid or insecure about what they look like, 

I personally feel like, if you feel comfortable and happy with yourself, you go ahead and wear that bikini, and don't give anybody else a second thought, if people want to snigger on judge, then they must be the most insecure out of all of us. If you are truly happy in yourself, you shouldn't care what is going on in everyone else's life after all!

It bothers me that these women who have had children, those who may have lost weight in order to wear a bikini, you don't always know the story, it's a shame that comments or passing remarks are even made, the more people ignore what others think and share the different body stars, shapes, wobbly bits, saggy bits, scars and all, the more normal it will become. A recent survey from MyVoucherCodes revealed that 60% of 18-24 year olds felt that pressure to have the 'perfect body' (whatever that is anyway), it's so sad that women are made to feel this way, I can only hope that Abbie doesn't ever feel the way I did growing up, I couldn't bear to watch her go through that!

With all this being said, next year I plan on entering a new fitness mission, for myself. I want to try and tone up and be healthier, I want to be fitter for Abbie's sake too, so I will be trying starting that in the New Year. It's not about appearance for me now, it's about how I feel from the inside, and when I exercise, I feel so much happier in myself, more confident, thats what it should be about, not the number on the scale or how others see you!


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  1. That is so true, we should not scale our self on what others say. Mruga Kurtis


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